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The stunning 14k gold-filled Kara Necklace is a layering necessity! It will pair perfectly with your favorite gold pieces and make for a gorgeous layered look! The Kara Necklace is 16” of mini paper clip chain and a gorgeous hexagon pendant!

Gold-Filled Explained: 
By definition, gold-filled jewelry is jewelry made up of a layer of solid gold bonded to a base layer of metal. All Giavanna’s Crafts gold-filled jewelry is brass based with a solid gold bonding ranging from 14k-18k. Gold-filled jewelry is the closest thing you can get to solid gold jewelry without the heavy cost! Gold-filled jewelry is great quality and extremely tarnish resistant. It is hypoallergenic, great for everyday wear, and affordable! 

Gold-filled jewelry is water resistant and will hold up when wet although I do not recommend wearing this jewelry in salt water or chlorinated water as it will effect the finish. You can wear gold-filled jewelry in the shower but try to avoid getting soap directly onto the jewelry. Pat dry afterwards. The gold-filled jewelry that should NOT be work in water is anything that is wire wrapped. When water gets in between the beads and the wire you cannot dry it. Over time this water will break down the wire and can cause it to break. Gold-filled jewelry is very durable and tarnish resistant but if you want the best out of your pieces I recommend trying your best to avoid extensive exposure to water!

The Kara Necklace

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